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    Nifty Thrifty Love is an online vintage clothing boutique which contains an eccentric collection of men & women's clothing, jewelry, accessories, antiques, and collectibles. Inspired by the beauty of nature, NTL's pieces exude a free spirited, retro, indie, and timeless style. Love goes into each one of a kind item as it is personally selected for quality and style with you in mind. Most of NTL's amazing items are pre-loved; previously owned. For your convenience all pre-loved merchandise is dry cleaned, sterilized, or washed prior to shipment.



Ashley's Story


[CEO & Founder Ashley Marie]

A bit of history lies within each and every NTL item.

History had never quite been my thing. Misconstrued, disassembled, and belied by teachers, friends, and the media, history became one big blank picture to me. It was not until I really opened my eyes that I began to appreciate history and start adding color to my picture.

I opened my eyes to things like beautiful 100-year-old beaded purses once used to show social/financial status, gratitude, or important events. I opened my eyes to 1930s Bolo Ties originating from the Navajo Indians and Argentinean Cowboys. I've slid into beautiful 19th century sequined gowns possibly previously worn by a queen. I've directed and taken photo shoots on grounds where being both a woman and an African American would have never been allowed. History surrounds us all, it is within us all, it is everything.

I created Nifty Thrifty Love so that a beautiful piece of history; a beautiful PEACE of love can go home with everyone.




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